Window to Weight Gain Part Three – Homer’s Shopping Cart

Are you dangerously underweight? Trying to go on workplace disability? Well, fret no more as Eats Like A Duck takes you on a five part series covering all the do and do not do’s on your Window to Weight Gain! Parts one, two, four, five 

Homer: Oh, it’s a dream come true, boy. I can- Nay, I must eat everything I’ve always wanted. Now, come on. Every second I’m out of bed I’m burning precious calories. Now get grabbin’.
– King-Size Homer (The Simpsons Season 7 – Episode 7)

Homer buys the following items while at the grocery store:

Ham Ahoy Screenshot

Much Ado About Stuffing Screenshot

Tubbb Screenshot

Cheezus H Rice Screenshot

Uncle Jim's Country Fillin Screenshot

Of those items, I think I would especially like to try Ham Ahoy. Mostly because I can’t resist a pig wearing a captains hat. What it would actually taste like is up for debate. Thoughts?

Homer’s Shopping Cart From: King-Size Homer (The Simpsons Season 7 – Episode 7)

  1. I’d wanna get my hands on a TUBB! since it’s so vague. I’m imagining a giant tub of margarine. Is it a reference to a real product I won’t know since I’m not from the North American area?

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