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The Homer’s Patented Space-Age Out of This World Moon Waffles recipe was recently posted on r/TheSimpsons by kindly Reddit user boxesandcereal and since then I’ve received quite a few requests for recipes. I’m compiling them here to try and keep myself honest and (hopefully) attempt to make most of them. And, if I don’t I’ll give up rum-based cocktails…except mojitos and rum and Cokes.

The List:

  • Klav Kalash
  • Homer’s poor excuse for Doughnut Sprinkles!
  • Tom Collins pie (Tom Collins mix, frozen pie crust, cloves)
  • Set cereal on fire / Mini-wheat flambe
  • Five pounds of spaghetti compressed into one handy, mouth-size bar
  • Shark butt with butt sauce
  • Pizza + fries + lobster, shaken in the pizza box
  • The Smiley-face Breakfast Special (with a bacon nose, bacon hair, bacon mustache, five o’clock shadow made of bacon bits, and a bacon body)
  • A 1,000,000-calorie Eclair (skip the poison)
  • Million dollar birthday fries! (bonus points if its worn as hat! Don’t forget the sparklers!)
  • Lobster stuffed with tacos
  • America-balls
  • Marge’s wasabi chicken wings
  • The tasty fake dessert hot dog
  • Marge’s homemade Pepsi
  • Homer’s shake-and-bake coffee
  • The Flaming Moe (or Homer)

This is a great list and many are projects I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t been able to get to either due to cost (I mean, two of these recipes are lobster related…and totally destroy the lobster) or semi-impossible (setting cereal on fire with milk) but I will try my best! If you have any more suggestions comment here, email me, tweet at me, facebook at me – as Disco Stu would say “whatever your trip is”.

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