Universal Studios Orlando – The Ribwich and Mt. Swartzwelder Apple Drink

I recently traveled to Universal Studios Orlando and tried to eat and drink as much Simpsons related food items as I could physically handle. For the next month I’m dedicating Fridays to reviewing what I ingested. This week’s entry is…The Ribwich and Mt. Swartzwelder Apple Drink!

Ribwich Jingle Singer:
Like a rib / It tastes like liberty
Like a rib / With a bun of sesame
TV Announcer: We start with authentic letter-graded meat and process the hell out of it, till it’s good enough for Krusty.
– I’m Spelling as Fast as I Can (The Simpsons Season 14 – Episode 12)

The Ribwich Screenshot 1

After my half donut (then no donut) breakfast, it wasn’t long before I started to get hungry for lunch. I knew that the Krusty Burger Restaurant at Universal Studios Orlando featured a Ribwich hamburger sandwich, so that was the obvious choice. And even though Krusty doesn’t mind the taste, I got a Mt. Swartzwelder Apple Drink to wash it down. I really wanted a blended Ribwich, but apparently they don’t offer those as a drink option.

The Ribwich

First major problem with The Ribwich – it wasn’t rib shaped! I mean if McDonald’s can manage to create a rib shaped McRib then surely Universal Studios could pull this look off too?

The Ribwich Screenshot 3

Instead, my Ribwich was nothing more than a pulled pork sandwich masquerading as a “Ribwich”. I will say that the sandwich itself was a delicious, terribly sticky mess that I enjoyed. All burgers at Krusty Burger come with curly fries and these were also tasty, if a little soggy. But afterwards I did not feel like I had eaten the ribs of God, I just felt pretty happy and full. Also, I guess the frog mascot that is soaked in Ribwich sauce was on break because I didn’t see him either.

The Ribwich Screenshot 2

The Mt. Swartzwelder Apple Drink was a nice callback to the Apple Cider vs. Apple Juice debate that I’ve already discussed here. The drink was tasty, I mean it’s pretty hard to mess up what basically amounts to sugar and flavoring in water. I also like to think I was being sophisticated in ordering an apple drink to go with pork because those pair well together. I mean, assuming The Ribwich was made of pork…

Krusty: About the Ribwich, there aren’t going to be any more. The animal we made them from is now extinct.
Homer: The pig?
Otto: The cow?
Krusty: You’re way off. Think smaller, think more legs.
– I’m Spelling as Fast as I Can (The Simpsons Season 14 – Episode 12)

Overall, lunch was much better than breakfast both in terms of my not throwing up and the fact that the Ribwich tasted a lot fresher then The Big Pink Donut. I’m still disappointed it wasn’t rib shaped though.

Cromulence: The Ribwich 8 Hot Plates out of 10 / Mt. Swartzwelder Apple Drink 7 Hot Plates out of 10


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