The Simpsons Spain Connection

So I realize the last few weeks have been a little dry what with all the “I’m Not Making That” posts. But my trip to Europe was not a complete waste of blogging time because in Barcelona I found two different Simpsons related items. Hey England, France and Italy, can you maybe get your act together and provide more Simpsons related food items for my dozen(s) of fans?

First is Duff beer, NOT to be confused with the energy drink of the same name:


This is a real beer that, according to Wikipedia, is imported from Germany. Apparently there is quite a legal battle going on right now between 20th Century Fox and the Eschweger Klosterbrauerei brewery. PS – this post was worth writing purely for having the opportunity to type out the name of that brewery. Also, Duff tasted like beer, so I think it qualifies as one.

Next we have, Tomaco:


I know it’s not spelled exactly right (tomacco), but come on. Sadly these turned out to be regular tomatoes containing no nicotine or plutonium, what a ripoff! My major confusion on this label is that I can’t find anything on tomaco anywhere. Is this a regional Barcelona term for tomato soup? What does tomaco actually mean? My Spanish isn’t great, but according to the label these “tomatoes are recommended by cooks” are they also recommended by the tobacco industry? Sadly, I’m left with more questions than answers on this one, so if anyone can enlighten me I would be glad to know the secret behind this packaging.

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