Marge's Homemade Pepsi

Marge’s Homemade Pepsi

Marge: Lisa I made you some homemade Pepsi for the dance. It’s a little thick, but the price is right. – Lard of the Dance (The Simpsons Season 10 – Episode 1)…

Steamed Limes Screenshot

Steamed Limes

Lisa: Is it really worth risking your lives just for some sugar? Marge: Dessert’s on! I steamed some limes. Lisa: Godspeed. – Sweets and Sour Marge (The Simpsons Season 13 – Episode…


Futurama Recipe: Leela’s Bean Pizza

We’ll bend the rules of Eats Like A Duck for today’s entry, which was written by fabulous guest writer Jeff McClelland of Teddy and Yeti and Franks and Beans fame. Note: Jeff is at Comic-Con…

Recipe Redo: Moe’s Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular Screenshot

Recipe Redo: Moe’s Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular

Moe: Moe’s Tavern. Home of the Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular Barney: Whoa, bologna! Bread! – Lisa the Greek (The Simpsons Season 3 – Episode 14) I made Moe’s Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular…

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