Moe’s Pickled Eggs Screenshot 3

Moe’s Pickled Eggs

We’ll bend the rules of Eats Like A Duck for today’s entry, which was written by fabulous guest writer Dan Rudy! Lisa: You have thirteen pickled eggs in that jar. And one…


Amtrak Style Hot Dog

This is the last menu item on the “Todays Specials” board from Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag. Unlike the Flestaritos or Ranchy Wingy-Thingys, we actually get a brief glimpse of what Amtrak Style Hot Dogs…

Ranchy Wingy-Thingys Screenshot

Ranchy Wingy-Thingys

And now we come to the second entry in my “things I read incorrectly on a screenshot” series. Otherwise known as the Ranchy Wingy-Thingys, previously thought to be Crunchy Wingy-Thingys. With both…

Grandma Mildred's Sugar Cookies

Futurama Friday: Grandma Mildred’s Sugar Cookies

Fry: Hey, you know what always cheers you up? Baking me a nice tray of sugar cookies! Grandma Mildred: (ripping open her dress) How about these cookies, sugar? – Roswell that Ends…

Recipe Redo: Moe’s Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular Screenshot

Recipe Redo: Moe’s Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular

Moe: Moe’s Tavern. Home of the Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular Barney: Whoa, bologna! Bread! – Lisa the Greek (The Simpsons Season 3 – Episode 14) I made Moe’s Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular…

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