Eye on Springfield: Luigi’s

Luigi: Eh, Seymour! You want your usual table? Principle Skinner: No, no, Luigi. I’d like one with two seats. I’ll be dining with a friend tonight. Luigi: Hey, good for you, huh?…


Moist Carrot Cake Muffins

Bart: Ugh! Carrot cake? Blechh! [Puts cupcake back together] Party Guest: Oh, carrot cake! Mmm! So moist! – Chief of Hearts (The Simpsons Season 21 – Episode 18) Gross. Just the thought…


Rum and Zinc

Kim Basinger: And I’ll have a rum and zinc. Ron Howard: Ooh, I’ll have one of those, too. Hey, can I crash here tonight? Homer: Sure. We’ll all stay. – When You…

Incredible Hulk Melon Baller

I Want It!: An Incredible Hulk Melon Baller

Sometimes there are food and drink products that exist in The Simpsons universe that I simply cannot buy or reproduce. Thus, I present to you: I Want It! An Eats Like A…

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