No Lobster Stuffed with Tacos and other Mexico Disappointments

I had high expectations for my trip to Mexico, especially since I had learned about this exciting Mexican delicacy called a Taco Platter:

Taco Platter Screenshot
But things really went downhill from there. For starters, Quetzacoatl’s Choice is not a real brand of food:

Quetzacoatl's Choice Mexican Food Screenshot

I couldn’t get 100 tacos for $100 OR cart them around in a wheelbarrow!

100 tacos for $100 Screenshot

And Lobster Stuffed with Tacos is not actually a traditional Mexican dish:

Lobster Stuffed with Tacos Screenshot

However! Things weren’t all bad, I managed to meet Jub-Jub’s non-union Mexican equivalent:

Jub-Jub’s non-union Mexican equivalent


Back to normal on Friday with a special Superbowl themed recipe!

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