Moe Madness!

The food from Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag are competing against each other in an 8 menu item tournament! First, I’ll be blogging a recipe for each tournament contestant, next then they will be pitted against each other to decide which is the ultimate menu item to order from Uncle Moe’s Family Feedback! Contestants are:

Yes, I know I’m behind the “real” March Madness, but this took a little longer to organize than I anticipated. You don’t like it? Well, that’s too freaking bad!

Moe Madness Screenshot

    1. An intrepid reader pointed out that they are actually “Fiestaritos” which saves me from actually making Fleshtaritos – which, as you correctly point out, sounds like nightmare food.

      1. It would have been an interesting test of your blogging resolve to see what you would be willing to do to who to create authentic (I’m assuming they scream when you eat them) Fleshtaritos.

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