Moe Madness II: Uncle Moe’s Family Feed-Bag vs. The Nag and Weasel

I feel like I’ve kind of analyzed Uncle Moe’s Family Feedback a lot already. What with the original Moe Madness and all. Still, I would be remiss if I didn’t include this as part of Moe Madness II. Since Uncle Moe’s Family Feedback’s big draw is serving food, I decided to pit it against The Nag and Weasel, the British pub conceived of by Marge when Homer takes out another mortgage to support Moe’s Tavern. Ugh, by season 16 the plot points really started to get weird. Onwards!


Uncle Moe’s Family Feed-Bag fromm: Bart Sells His Soul (The Simpsons Season 7 – Episode 4)


  • Good, old-fashioned home cooking, deep-fried to perfection
  • Has a whole lot of crazy crap on the walls
  • Whenever Uncle Moe threatens you you get a free steak…fish
  • Million Dollar Birthday Fries served on Moe’s head
  • All food includes miniature American flags
  • If Moe’s not smiling when you get your check your meal is free
  • Has fire extinguishers


  • Old people are not allowed
  • Sodie is too cold and will make your teef hurt
  • Profane outbursts from Moe will hurt your freaking ears

The Nag and Weasel Screenshot

The Nag and Weasel from: Mommie Beerest (The Simpsons Season 16 – Episode 7)


  • Darts and meat pies / And lager in pint glasses / What a classy way / To get drunk off your asses
  • Accepts credit cards


  • Bum’s rush is Detroit-style
  • Shuts down and is never heard from again for no reason whatsoever

The Winner: Uncle Moe’s Family Feedback 

This decision seems pretty obvious to me. How can pub grub compete with something as delicious as bottom feeding suction eel? Plus at the end of the day all you need to know about Uncle Moe’s Family Feedback is in the tagline: it’s good, good, good, good, good, good, good.

Uncle-Moe’s-Family-Feedbag-Screenshot 2

  1. Woah, that is a mug you don’t wanna chug.
    And as a courtesy, please take the fry basket off of Moe’s head. It is extremely hot.

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