Moe Madness II: M vs. Moe’s Pet Shop

Moe’s Pet Shop and the updated, “post-mo” bar m are probably two of the more successful iterations of Moe’s Tavern. One because it was the only place in Springfield to get drunk, while the other was the only place in Springfield to run on a giant hamster wheel. Both are fun, just in different ways!

m screenshot

M from: Homer the Moe (The Simpsons Season 13 – Episode 3)


  • Designed by Formico The Dean of Design (please note: his name must never be spoken)
  • Rabbits suspended from the ceiling are mostly alive
  • Well stocked oxygen bar

m screenshot 2


  • Doesn’t serve Duff, only a Malaysian beer that’s “better than Duff” (and made out of soy sauce)
  • Creative design run amok, including giant hamster wheel
  • If there is yelling in front of them, the Russian women will lose their horny
  • Patrons are bad tippers
  • Sports are not shown on tv

Moe's Pet Shop Screenshot

Moe’s Pet Shop from: Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment (The Simpsons Season 8 – Episode 18)


  • Filled with rambunctious yahoos and hot jazz music at 1:00 am (potentially including some perverts depending on how you look at it)
  • Features a nice bathtub mint julep
  • The only place in Springfield serving alcohol during Prohibition

Moe's Pet Shop Screenshot 2


  • Was out of business for a scary couple of hours
  • Mug of beer costs $45 (and it is from the dump)
  • No sign of baby turtles or alligators for sale
  • Getting stuck in the pet shop gears really hurt

The Winner: Moe’s Pet Shop

While I do appreciate bars that are weird for the sake of being weird, I’ve got to go with Moe’s Pet Shop on this one. I mean, how can you argue with the…best…damn…pet shop in town!

  1. While I would enjoy the free oxygen, I absolutely love the episode of the Beer Baron and the old timey detective.

    If you listen to the DVD commentary on this episode, Matt Groening gets annoyed at the pet shop scene because the characters are drawn all wibbly wobbly – similar to season 1.

    Please never ban me, my friends look at me weird when I talk about the Simpsons DVD commentary in real life.

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