Moe Madness II: Flaming Moe’s vs. Mo’s

Flaming’s Moe’s is that classic season three episode about combining alcohol with cough syrup. Moe steals the recipe for the Flaming Homer from his good friend and gets money, power, and a feisty barmaid girlfriend in the process. His secret drink recipe is revealed, everyone stops coming to the bar, and then things go back to the way they were before.  Flaming Moe is…also an episode. From season 22, Flaming Moe involves Moe opening another new version of his bar, this time aimed at the Springfield gay community. Moe pretends to be gay and is “outed” as straight, everyone stops coming to the bar, and then things go back to the way they were before. But which version of Moe’s is better?!

Flaming Moe's Screenshot

Flaming Moe’s from: Flaming Moe’s (The Simpsons Season 3 – Episode 10)


  • Happiness is just a Flaming Moe away
  • Impromptu Aerosmith concerts
  • Your phlegm will probably feel looser
  • Salad bar includes sneeze guards
  • Hugh Jass has a great sense of humor about prank phone calls


  • Impromptu Aerosmith concerts
  • Potential to catch on fire from lazy beverage consumption

Mo's Screenshot

Mo’s from: Flaming Moe (The Simpsons Season 22 – Episode 11)


  • You don’t have to be a super in shape attractive gay man to drink at Mo’s
  • People wash their hands after using the bathroom
  • Nothing against being gay in “The Bartender’s Bible” 


  • Proprietor pretends to be gay, but actually isn’t
  • Pretzels are just painted on the bar

The Winner: Flaming Moe’s

Was there really any doubt on this? Despite the potential health benefits of consuming that much cough syrup on a daily basis, I really see no reason to choose Mo’s over Flaming Moe’s. Sorry Springfield gay community.

Flaming Moe's 2 Screenshot

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