Moe Madness II: Even Moe Madness

Moe Madness is back for another year and this time I’m not going to be making any Steak-fish fillets OR Flestaritos! Instead I thought it would be fun to pit the various iterations of Moe’s Tavern against each other to decide which version is truly the greatest (after the original, of course). Here’s the bracket:

  • M vs. Moe’s Pet Shop
  • Mo’s vs. Flaming Moe’s
  • Eski-Moe’s vs. Joe’s Tavern
  • The Nag and Weasel vs. Uncle Moe’s Family Feed-Bag

Of course, not all the Moe’s Tavern variants could fit into the bracket, so I wanted to also include an “honorable mention” section for those locations that didn’t make the cut:

Moe’s Cavern: quick Beatles reference and if you don’t understand the reference you will need to look it up from Homer’s Barbershop Quartet  (The Simpsons Season 5 – Episode 1)

Moe's Cavern Screenshot

Meaux’s: home of the finest bar crystal in Springfield…and also cheap shelves from Three Gays of the Condo (The Simpsons Season 14 – Episode 17)

Meau'x Tavern Screenshot

Tokyo Roe’s Sushi Bar: where Moe sells the bar to Japanese businessmen and donates all his money to orphans, then winds up working at the sushi restaurant from: Thank God It’s Doomsday (The Simpsons Season 16 – Episode 19)

Tokyo Roe's Sushi Bar Screenshot

Whisky a Moe-Moe: a dream Moe painted from Flaming Moe (The Simpsons Season 22 – Episode 11)

Whisky a Moe-Moe Screenshot

Moe’s Ice Cream Carnival: when Moe first opened, the tavern was actually Moe’s Ice Cream Carnival, and “still, no one was happy there” from A Tree Grows in Springfield (The Simpsons Season 24 – Episode 6)

Moe's Ice Cream Carnival Screenshot


And the winner of the honorable mention club? Tokyo Roe’s Sushi Bar! Mostly because I enjoy this image of Moe with a cat stuck to his arm:

Tokyo Roe's Sushi Bar 2 Screenshot

  1. I figured Moe’s Tavern variants would be Eye on Springfield segments, wasn’t expecting the return of Moe Madness for this. Go Family Feedbag!
    Also Moe working in the sushi restaurant must’ve made him very popular with Mr. Snookums.

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