Moe Madness II: Eski-Moe’s vs. Joe’s Tavern

This round of Moe Madness is the “outside of Springfield” edition. Of course, there are lots of versions of Moe’s that appear outside of Springfield in non-canon episodes and scenarios including Moab’s from Diatribe of a Mad Housewife and Frontier Moe’s from Margical History Tour. I suppose I could have included ALL of these in my Moe Madness bracket but quite frankly I didn’t feel like it. Do you feel validated by that? 

Eski-Moes Screenshot

Eski-Moe’s from: The Simpsons Movie


  • Has Grand Theft Walrus arcade game
  • Close to Simpsons Alaska home (or within semi-truck hitching distance anyway)


  • Drinking there all night might be the final straw that ends your marriage
  • The bar name feels kinda offensive for such a dumb joke

Joe's Screenshot

Joe’s from: Lemon of Troy (The Simpsons Season 6 – Episode 24)


  • None


  • In Shelbyville

The Winner: Eski-Moe’s. 

The winner will ALWAYS be Eski-Moe’s because (despite the questionable name choice) I’ll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missouri…I mean Shelbyville. Therefore, Joe’s loses this round. Joe’s loses every round dammit!


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