I’m Not Making That: Mabel’s Table Cookbook

Martha: There are no books about an Eliza Simpson, but I did find this.
Marge: Ooh, a cookbook.
Lisa: That’s Eliza’s mother! Martha, you are the best!
Marge: “Pork Butt in Cream”, “Snout-Fried Neck”, “Frog-Haunch”, “Hooves Au Jus”, “Possum Pouch Pie”…
Lisa: Please don’t make those recipes.
– The Color Yellow (The Simpsons Season 21 – Episode 13)

Ugh, this episode. I’m going to avoid commenting on how apparently The Simpsons are descended from African American slaves (and then moved to Canada) and just focus on the cookbook items because it’s the only part I really liked about this episode. So, which of the following dishes looked the most and least disgusting?

Pork Butt in Cream

Snout-Fried Neck


Hooves Au Jus

Possum Pouch Pie

I’m going to award the Possum Pouch Pie as most disgusting since it looks like the entire possum was cooked into the pie, including the tail. Which, does that mean all the internal organs and bones were included too? What about the hair and teeth? I shudder just thinking about that. Next most disgusting is the Hooves Au Jus because, again, you can’t eat things like bones or in this case hooves. So this is mostly inedible, although I have no strong opinions on eating horses. The Snout-Fried Neck also looks very gross, but I suspect it would be edible so I’ll put that one right in the middle.

I’m torn between the Frog-Haunch and Pork Butt in Cream. I’ve eaten frog legs before and they tasted good to me – kind of like fishy chicken. Pork butt, while not presented in a very appetizing manner in the picture is also good – except the nomenclature is ALL wrong because pork butt is actually referring to a pigs shoulder. The backside of a pig is usually just called the leg, aka ham. Side note: the best meat is in the rump!

You probably wouldn’t serve a ham in a cream sauce since this cut tends to be cured but I guess this could work. Anyway, I would eat the frog or the pork without much hesitation, that’s a hard pass on the possum though.

I’m Not Making That: The Color Yellow Cookbook Items From: The Color Yellow (The Simpsons Season 21 – Episode 13)

  1. Well since it seems that the Slaughterhouse restaurant encourages the eating of hooves perhaps they could make use of that recipe.

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