I’m Not Making That: Everything from the Springfield Insectivorian Society

Professor Frink: Attention, Gourmands of All Things Creepy and Crawly. Please welcome long-time squisher, first-time eater, Lisa Simpson. Delighted.
– Penny-Wiseguys (The Simpsons Season 24- Episode 5)

Springfield Insectivorian Society Screenshot
Members of the Springfield Insectivorian Society include:

  • Professor Frink
  • Lunch Lady Dora (formerly Doris)
  • Herman
  • Old Jewish Man
  • Cookie Kwan (I think?)
  • Lisa Simpson

Items available for consumption at the Springfield Insectivorian Society are:

Maggot Stew & Mug O’ SlugsMaggot Stew_Mug O’ Slugs Screenshot

Spider Cordon Bleu & Windshield CasseroleSpider Cordon Bleu_Windshield Casserole Screenshot

TarantulaTarantula Screenshot

WormsWorms Screenshot

Beetles & Green Drink (probably made from some type of bug – grasshoppers?)Beetles_Green Drink Screenshot

Flies in SoupFlies in Soup Screenshot

So first of all, eating bugs is incredibly common in many parts of the world and I’m in no way saying that making these recipes is weird or gross…except maybe the windshield casserole. For many people, eating bugs is a daily part of life. That being said, I’m a spoiled westerner whose only experience eating bugs is the eight spiders I eat in my sleep each year. Anyway, I’m going to use the convenient excuse that I can’t find edible slugs and tarantulas at my local grocery store and leave it at that. Also, why is Cletus the waiter at this event?

Even though I’m a non-bug cooking coward, that doesn’t mean I can’t act superior and point out a big problem with the Springfield Insectivorian Society name. According to Wikipedia “an insectivore is a carnivorous plant or animal that eats insects. An alternative term is entomophage, which also refers to the human practice of eating insects.” I can understand why The Simpsons writers used Insectivorian since most people, myself included, wouldn’t have known what entomophage means. So I think the real villain here is Big Science – they keep making up terminology based on dead languages that confuse blog writers too intimated to make foods containing insects. Jerks.

I’m Not Making That: Everything from the Springfield Insectivorian Society From: Penny-Wiseguys (The Simpsons Season 24- Episode 5)

  1. Fun fact: She’s actually Lunch Lady Dora now. After Doris Grau, who originally voiced her, died, they changed the character’s name.

    1. I still don’t understand why they didn’t just create a new lunch lady character. They never used any of Phil Hartman’s characters after he died, so why not do the same for Doris Grau? Either way, I’ve corrected this blog entry and that’s what is truly important.

      1. If they approached me with a job to come up with a new character-I would’ve gave them a character I made called ‘Ethel Ratburg-the over religious dinner lady’.

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