I’m Not Making That: Disgusting British Food

Chief Wiggum: We don’t need clues. We’ve already caught the killer. This mysterious Hindu is clearly responsible for the murder. Lock him up till we find someone darker, boys.
Apu: Please, I am not a killer. I am but a humble purveyor of disgusting British food. Lark tongues, head pudding, eel pies.
Chief Wiggum: Eel pie? My favorite. [Eats the pie] We British sure eat crap.
– Treehouse of Horror XV (The Simpsons Season 16 – Episode 1)

Disgusting British Food Screenshot 1

This week I’m in England, so I’m Not Making That: Disgusting British Food. Apparently British food is going through something of a renaissance lately. Whether or not that is actually true is up for debate, especially since the article I’m linking to comes from the Guardian. When looking at the Disgusting British foods from this episode there is:

Lark Tongues = real and was considered a delicacy. Although, considering the amount of effort required to have a few mouthfuls I’d prefer a steak. Actually, compared to most food I would probably prefer a steak.
Head Pudding = not real, I think? I mean, I couldn’t find anything about it online. Perhaps this is meant to be a joke on how everything British is somehow pudding related.
Eel Pies = definitely real. I don’t mind cooked eel, but when they are still alive they are slimey and super gross. Which is pretty much the point of this joke.

Disgusting British Food Screenshot 2

I’m Not Making That: Disgusting British Food from: Treehouse of Horror XV (The Simpsons Season 16 – Episode 1)

    1. Too bad this dish doesn’t contain any eel, that would have made it a real winner! Why don’t you try making this (sans eel and/or lark tongue) and see how it turns out?

      1. Heh, well I’ve eaten things with kidney in before, and I feel like I’ve probably had savoury pudding at some point too, but since this recipes also contains oysters, I’ll be staying well away. I’ll stick with giving my oysters to the cat. 😉

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