I’m Not Making That: Antifreeze Wine

Cesar: Too much can be poison, but the right amount gives wine just the right kick.
Watch. I bet it won’t even blind him.
Cesar: [shoves a cup of wine in Bart’s face] Drink this.
Bart: Oh, no thanks.
Cesar: Do not worry. This is France. It is customary for children to take a little wine now and then.
Bart: Yeah, but it’s got antifreeze in there.
Cesar: Drink it! [Bart drinks the wine] He sees well enough. Now go buy a case of antifreeze.
– The Crepes of Wrath (The Simpsons Season 1 – Episode 11)


This week I’m in France, so I’m Not Making That: Antifreeze Wine. Putting antifreeze into wine is something that really happened. In Austria, not France. But much like choosing between shooting a giant laser at Italy or France, when it comes to making fun of people poisoning their wine, you’re going to choose France (hehe, nobody chooses Italy).

The good news is that Bart doesn’t go blind from drinking the Antifreeze Wine. The bad news is that apparently manufacturing and attempting to sell that same Antifreeze Wine is not considered much of a crime in France because either Cesar and Ugolin escaped from prison. Or they were only there for a short while since they have a brief cameo in a later Simpsons episode. Sadly, there are no updates on Maurice the donkey.

I’m Not Making That: Antifreeze Wine From: The Crepes of Wrath (The Simpsons Season 1 – Episode 11)

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