I’m Goin’ to Praiseland…I Mean Universal Studios Orlando

Praiseland Screenshot

While part of me does wish I was goin’ to Praiseland since it’s one of the few amusement parks that embraces carob, I am instead going to Universal Studios Orlando. I have wanted to visit Universal for awhile because it has Simpsons everything: two rides, various statues and costumed characters and, best of all, LOTS of Simpsons related food. My mission is clear I must eat every item that is directly referenced on The Simpsons and is available at Universal Studios Orlando. I’ve done some research and I know the following foods are available at the park:

  • Krusty Burger
  • The Ribwich
  • Buzz Cola
  • Clam Chowd-arr
  • Big Pink Donut
  • Flaming Moe
  • Duff Beer

I feel a little bit sick just looking at that list. I mean, how realistic is it for me to eat Clam Chowd-arr in 30 C / 90 F weather? I will be live tweeting my experience on Saturday, July 18 throughout the day so if you don’t follow Eats Like A Duck on twitter, now is the time. I will also follow up with longer reviews of the food throughout Fridays in August – so stayed tuned for all the (potentially nauseous) fun!

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