Free Birthday Goods and Services Part Two

Usually when you think about March, this is the first thing that comes to mind:

Smarch Screenshot

However, I tend to focus on the fact that this month bring me free birthday goods and services! It was an experiment I tried with some success last year so I figured why not try it again this year too?

Over the course of this weekend (and probably into next week depending on how much food I can stuff in my face) I will be taking all the free stuff corporations can throw at me including:

  • Free food
  • Free beverages
  • Free other stuff?
  • Free food

I’ll be chronicling all my adventures on various social media channels. Plus I’ll catalog everything (including a calorie count!) in an upcoming blog post. And since no one ever gets what they really want on their birthday, I might as well escape into fantasy now:

Happy Birthday Mr. Smithers Screenshot

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