Eye on Springfield: Swankyfish

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Tonight, on Eye on Springfield…Swankyfish! According to Marge, Swankyfish is the “coolest sushi restaurant in town [and] got three and a half stars in the Springfield Tire Guide.” It’s also the location of yet another one of Marge and Homer’s fights. Spoiler alert: they make up by the end of the episode and everything is back to the status quo!

Swankyfish restaurant is known for it’s extremely fresh seafood:

Swankyfish Screenshot 2

It’s strict policy on soy sauce:

Swankyfish Screenshot 3

And it’s even stricter policy on cell phones:

Swankyfish Screenshot 4

Outside of the standard sushi restaurant menu items, Swankyfish also offers:

  • Shark fin soup
  • Whale tonsils
  • Dolphin blow hole
  • Turtles smile

To quote the Swankyfish Chef: “Though we have but one ocean, it offers many special delights.”

Swankyfish Screenshot 5

Eye on Springfield: Swankyfish From: What Animated Women Want (The Simpsons Season 24 – Episode 17)

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