Eye on Springfield: She She Lounge vs. The Little Black Box

And now I will compare two Simpsons bars and decide which is the best based on their health and safety standards!

Episode: Fear of Flying (The Simpsons Season 6 – Episode 11)

The She She Lounge
Menu Items: Beer and cocktails
Pros: Numerous lesbian date options; loud techno music
Cons: No fire exit

She She Lounge Screenshot

The Little Black Box
Menu Items: Beer and cocktails
Pros: Provide loaner pilot uniforms
Cons: Forces pilots to fly to Chicago, even though they’ve been drinking and/or swear they aren’t a pilot

The Little Black Box Screenshot

Winner: She She Lounge
Why: While both of these bars have serious issues related to worker health and safety regulations, I feel like the She She Lounge is slightly less unsafe. The fact that Crazy Clown Airlines’ first choice in a pilot is to go to a bar, rather than calling a (hopefully) sober pilot, is troubling. Yes, the She She Lounge will be in serious trouble if a fire breaks out, but it seems slightly less catastrophic than a plane crash. Enjoy your deathtrap, ladies!

What was her problem Screenshot


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