Eye on Springfield: Flaming Pete’s

Labor day long weekend marks the end of summer in Canada/America, so what better way to celebrate than with a barbecue? And what better way to be lazy than to go to a barbecue restaurant instead of grilling for yourself! So tonight, on Eye on Springfield…Flaming Pete’s!

Flaming Pete's 75 Miles Screenshot

Flaming Pete's 30 Miles Screenshot

Flaming Pete's Next Exit Screenshot

We’ve seen the “multiple billboards as the car drives past” joke in a previous installment on Flickey’s. However, this episode featuring Flaming Pete’s came before the episode that featured Flickey’s, so technically THIS joke is the original. 

Flaming Pete's Screenshot

Flaming Pete’s burned downed, possibly because there were too many flames in and around this restaurant. Or perhaps it was arson from a disgruntled employee. We’ll never know and neither will Homer because he ends up in delightful Spittle County. What it lacks in steak houses it makes up for in Fudd!

Eye on Springfield: Flaming Pete’s From: Colonel Homer  (The Simpsons Season 3 – Episode 20)

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