Bubble Crum

Homer: Oooh, the gum with the cracker center.
– Girly Edition (The Simpsons Season 9 – Episode 21)


According to the packaging Bubble Crum is “Crun-Chewy” so when making this recipe I wanted a cracker that was crunchy. I went with Ryvita crackers, although I doubt Homer would seek out something so healthy. Still, his interest in combining gum with other foods is well documented, so what do I know? The pink bubblegum part was more straightforward, Double Bubble seemed like the obvious choice. My entire goal for Bubble Crum was to recreate the look by combining the crackers with gum and then melting them together, what could possiblie go wrong?


  • Brown, Crunchy Crackers
  • Pink Bubblegum


Cut cracker and gum to match shape and size and place on plate with wax paper. Do NOT proceed with this recipe if you don’t have wax paper…and even if you do you might want to just skip this whole thing entirely. Microwave until gum begins to melt and “mold” with cracker. Let gum cool before consuming.


I knew right from the start this was going to be a disaster. Because the gum got freaking everywhere. And I willingly got it all over the place in a desperate attempt to make something vaguely resembling Bubble Crum. It tasted even worse than it looks, plus I made a total mess.

Cromulence: 0 Botched Face Lifts out of 10

Bubble Crum Recipe from: Girly Edition (The Simpsons Season 9 – Episode 21)

  1. Wish there were a recipe to make homemade gum… I believe it would be more practical to make something fresh than microwave gum in order to mold it the way you like. No matter what you do, microwaved gum will always taste aweful…I dont believe this idea was made to make it come true.. A for Effort 🙂

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