August is Going to be Isolated and Weird

You might have noticed that Eats Like A Duck is involved in a very sticky, nutty, chewy, chocolaty – put it away boy! The sites been hacked a few times; the back-end is in need of some cleaning up. So I just need to buckle down and get things in order – and what better time to do that then in August when barely anyone is paying attention anyway! Basically this is going to be me for the next month as I become isolated and weird:

Isolated and Weird Screenshot

But fear not, I’m still going to roll out some new posts once a week! These posts are leaning more towards the Grade F Meat variety: mostly circus animals, some filler. But I’m trying to get things done without attending all the Optics Festivals I’ve been invited to. I’m also going to be running, ugh, Classic Eats Like A Duck across social media channels. Enjoy!

Classic Krusty Screenshot

  1. Thanks for the update whilst you get everything sorted; it’s also good to know that you’re going to be that weird kid looking through a telescope from across the internet. I’ll know who to avoid for the next few weeks.

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